Hi, I’m Vix.

Illustrator, interior architect and designer residing in a quaint creative corner of Ilkley, in the North of England.

Vintage colours, visual and architectural space, and my many artistic journeys influence my illustrations.

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flavoursome food
scenes & settings
toy & game
architecture (Accidental Vix Prints)
people, characters & kids lit
product & pattern
clients & collaborations

When not in my studio working on retail design or illustrating I am often being jumped on by my kids, preferably in the stunning Yorkshire countryside. In rare child and work free time I can be found at my sewing machines (yes plural) sewing up my fabric designs into clothes for my family.

I no longer sew for business – we all need a creative outlet with no pressure, right? But, my sewing skills have definitely helped see pattern design in a different light.

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