about me

Hi, I’m Vix, an illustrator and interior architect and designer, in my quaint but creative corner of Ilkley, in the north of England.

My love of art started as a child, and my mum will attest to trying to discreetly dispose of old paper mache creations without me noticing, as the whole house slowly increased in colour, with more pen and paint marks as time went by. I can now put myself in my mum’s shoes as I see my daughter walking round the house with a felt tip pen in one hand, and a glue stick in the other, often with a paintbrush (loaded with paint) in her pocket for good measure.

It’s no surprise that my creativity continued through school to Art Foundation, before feeding into my Interior Architecture & Design degree at Nottingham Trent University. The latter, ticking all the boxes with not only plenty of drawing and creative thinking but also using the mathematical and more technical side of my brain. 

We relocated back to Yorkshire, and after several years in London at big design agencies, I realised that I was missing a creative outlet – my self employed interior design work involves lots of time on building sites and technical drawing packs. I will always have architecture running though my veins, but I want to draw creatively every day and have branched out from my original architectural illustrations, helped along with plenty of Make Art That Sells courses.

When not out in the world people watching and sketching on location I can be found in my creative part of the studio I share with my husband, with a freshly brewed coffee, music on, and often surrounded by several sketchbooks and my fave maple syrup tin, now redundant of maple syrup and filled to the brim with pens and rulers.

To jump into my sketchbooks and process click here.